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Helpful Tips

Laundering hygienically and COVID-19

  • Do not shake dirty laundry. This minimizes the possibility of dispersing bacteria and virus through the air.

  • Wash items in accordance with the directions on the garments and your detergent.

  • Launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items, and dry items completely. Please note that dirty laundry that has been in contact with an infected person can safely be washed with other people’s items.

  • The hotter the wash, the better.

  • Use the dryer. Viruses hate heat, and drying clothes with high heat will further prevent the spread of disease. However, do not exceed the specifications on your garments' care tags. Never use heat on non-woven fabrics (such as certain mattress covers) and synthetics (such as nylon or rayon).

  • Use the right amount of soap. Too much soap creates excess suds that enable dirt and grime to remain trapped inside the fabric. The right amount of soap will properly clean and then be rinsed from the clothing.

  • Clean and disinfect clothes baskets, carts and hampers.

  • Clean these items as often as possible and use a bag liner, if available.

  • Using Credit/Debit Cards at Launderlux

    Prices displayed on machines are for cash transactions. Card-based transactions are 4% higher to defray the costs imposed by credit card companies.


    Card processing on washers and dryers uses a process in which an authorization request is sent to your card issuer when you swipe your card. The authorization request is used to verify both that your card is valid and that there is room for a typical visit to Launderlux. The average charge for most customers using a card totals $33, so the authorization test is $40. The initial $40 authorization covers charges made during the following 2 hours. If your charges go over $40, a second authorization request is sent. Our authorization process is similar to how gas stations process charges at the pump; most gas stations use a $75 authorization test.


    Launderlux reverses all authorizations and replaces them with your actual charges every day. This information is sent electronically to your card issuer at midnight each night, 7 days per week including holidays. Your card issuer should show the authorization replaced with actual charges the morning after your visit. PLEASE NOTE, if your card issuer does not process daily or on weekends, they may delay posting your actual charges for up to 3 banking days. Launderlux has no control over your card issuer. Please contact your card issuer regarding their processing policy.

    If you would like a detailed receipt of your actual charges, please stop by and provide an attendant with 1) your email address, 2) the date of your visit, 3) the name on the card used, and 4) the last 4 digits of the card used. We will email your receipt to you.

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