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Laundry Tips

Here are our favorite tips, based on the questions we are most often asked by Launderlux clients: Sort You should sort by color, water temperature, soil level, and when appropriate, fabric type.

  • Whites: Wash separately; otherwise dyes from dark clothing can bleed on to them.

  • Lights: Divide into groups of colorfast pastels, medium colors, and light print pieces.

  • Darks: Same sorting as lights

  • Heavily soiled: Separate soiled items from the rest of your laundry, or the dirt may transfer which can make whites turn gray and brights become dull.

  • Fabric types: Follow all of the above rules, and sort by fabrics that might transfer lint, such as towels, flannel, and fleece items.

  • Always check pockets for pens/crayons, gum, chocolates, tissues, receipts, credit cards, coins, and paper bills.

Find the Right Detergent If great-smelling laundry is most important to you, choose a detergent in your favorite scent, for example lavender. For the cleanest clothes, use this guide:

  • Liquid detergents are best for pretreating stains and removing food.

  • Powder is effective for general loads.

Limit the Suds Less is more when it comes to standard/old-fashioned detergent. Modner HE type detergents are designed to clean better wihout sudsing. While it is tempting to over-pour for particularly dirty loads or to see the suds, excess detergent does not get your clothes any cleaner. In fact, too much detergent can trap soil and redeposit it on clothing. Too much can also leave residual detergent in your clothes and cause skin irritation.

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