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Keeping Clothes Looking New

Prevent Fading Turn dark clothes inside out before washing and drying to prevent fading. Also, hot water can dull dark clothing, so use cooler temps. Grey or Yellowing Whites It is possible your water temperature isn’t hot enough. Also, if you mix heavily soiled clothing with your Whites, you may be contaminating the wash. Wash heavily soiled clothing separately.

Protein Stains Generally speaking, if it comes out of you — vomit, blood, saliva, sweat — it’s a protein stain. The best way to remove protein stains is to pretreat them with hydrogen peroxide. Underarm Stains on Cotton Shirts Hard, crusty stains typically result from the use of antiperspirants which trap and hold moisture. Consider switching to a deodorant without an antiperspirant to protect your shirts. When treating these stains, use your favorite enzymatic cleaner (we recommend hydrogen peroxide). Pre-soak your shirts in warm water and enzymatic cleaner. If the stains are really bad, allow the shirts to soak longer. You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub the armpits of the shirts. This will help to lift a lot of the staining and some of the trapped antiperspirant.


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