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MASKS ARE REQUIRED once again in Launderlux locations. 

Look... We hate wearing masks as much as you do. However, 3 facts compel us to require masks:
1.  Not enough adults got vaccinated to prevent the Delta Variant from becoming the dominant type of COVID.
2.  While vaccinated adults will not get ill from COVID, they still transmit Delta Variant COVID to others.
3.  Children are not yet able to be vaccinated. Children are frequently in the laundromat. Children can and do become seriously ill or die from COVID.
Masks on adults protect children and those who have medical conditions that preclude them being vaccinated. Please do your part to protect children and the vulnerable!!
If you are ill, please remain at home and follow the protocols set by the County Health Department.

COVID-19 and other laundering hygiene tips



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Get in & out faster
Plenty of new, super-fast machines
No more waiting
Water & energy efficient
Drop off service at most locations
You're busy, let us do
your laundry
Super clean, bright,
shiny locations
Have a seat & relax
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ATM / credit card capabilities
The way you need it
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To help with all your needs
Folding tables galore
Spread out and fold away
Free WiFi
Get things done while
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Flat-screen TVs
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